I Like Piña Coladas!

Piña Coladas used to be saved for tropical vacation. I am not really into sweet or frozen drinks for that matter. Plus I know how much sugar is in this drink, so I shy away, even if it sounds great. So I decided to create a healthier version!

Plus this is a great (virgin) treat for my daughter. I make these without alcohol in the blender and then add it afterwards, so it is perfect!

Here is the super simple and pretty healthy Piña Colada recipe:

Healthy Piña Colada

1 cup of ice
1 1/2 cups of frozen pineapple 
1 can of 100% pineapple juice
1 tablespoon Agave or sweetener of choice
Juice of half of a line 
1/2 cup coconut cream 
4 oz rum

Yields 2 drinks, plus a little virgin one for the kiddos

  1. Combine all ingredients except rum in blender. Blend till smooth, you can add more liquid or ice if needed.
  2. Poor and top with 2 oz of rum per drink. I like to use a darker rum such as Appelton or Zacapa for my Piña Coladas. You can used a lighter rum if you wish, the darker rum has a richer flavor which I prefer.
  3. Sit outside, with some steel drum music and pretend you are somewhere tropical!

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