Hot Weather Activities for Toddlers

We have having a major heatwave here! Just the other day I had commented on how mild the summer was…now I’m sweating just walking to the mailbox. Let me put it this way, I rarely put the AC on, honestly don’t really like to have it on. I prefer all our windows open, I’m that person that even keeps a few windows cracked with the heat on. So here are my best HOT weather activities with toddlers!

Pool time-We have a community pool and a swim club that we are part of and still have two kiddie pools at home. Sometimes it is just easier than going all the way to the pool, especially nowadays. There are so many great options out there, but no need to break the bank, you can get a little plastic one for $10, fill it with water, a few toys (bath toys work too) and even a couple cups or plastic Tupperware and kids are happy. Plus it’s great for mamas too, I put my feet in while on lifeguard duty to cool off. Great hot weather activity!

Water Play-Okay not all of us have room for a pool, so you have to improvise. There are two ways to improvise this hot weather activity.
1.Fill your bath tub with luke warm water and let them play with the same cups, plastic Tupperware etc.
2.If you don’t have a bath tub, fill a large bucket or plastic container with water and let your little one splash and play in the water in the shower. You can even do bath tub car wash, puppy day spa, clean play dishes etc.

Paint With Water-Kids LOVE to paint and parents hate the mess. So change it up and paint with water! Less messy and you can “paint” paper, the ground, the bath tub (with colored water) etc. I get lots of different types of paint brushes to keep it interesting.

Water Beads-This is not only a great sensory activity but also a perfect hot weather activity for toddlers. They can provide hours of fun for everyone!

Gardening-My toddler loves to pick weeds with me! Granted she is not great at getting the roots, but it keeps her busy, gets us outside and helps me with this tedious chore. I do this first thing in the morning before it gets hot and in pjs.

Create a mini Olympics or obstacle course around your house. Go in different rooms, up and down the stairs and use furniture as part of it. Great indoor hot weather activity for toddlers, to do with the AC going! Best to do before lunch and nap/quite time.

Un-restrict the “messy” activities-We all have things we don’t let our kids do cause its too messy and frankly we don’t want to have to clean it up. So let them paint, use play dough or slim, play in the dirt, bake, they will be so happy to be able to do these activities and you have more time to clean up that mess.

Play Hide and Seek-I think most parents have a love hate relationship with this game. My tip is, have your phone and find a few really good spots and hide there every couple of turns so you can get a “break”. Even moms need a hot weather activity break!

Water Balloon Toss-This is such a fun hot weather activity for the whole family! We recently did this and I can say the parents had way more fun than the kids did.

Ice Excavating-Take a few of their toys-Lego people, cars, little animals and freeze in a Tupperware over night. The night day let the kiddos help dig out and rescue their friends. It can take a little bit, but a cool activity for hot weather!

Wash the Car-Nice, because everyone can be in limited clothing and can cool off with the hose as needed. My only advice is to do this early before the sun gets too high. It’s really hard to dry a car off before the sun dries the water spots. My favorite part of this hot weather activity is a clean car and being able to “accidentally” spray my little helper.

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