How I Keep Up With Household Chores and Everything Else!

Another thing about motherhood that I grossly underestimated was the amount of work it is, to keep up with household chores with kids, dogs and parents who are working from home. It was hard enough when I was working full time outside of the house , but became exponentially harder when we all were forced to be home ALL DAY LONG.

Here is an outline of my daily and weekly “schedule”, its pretty loose because as much as I want to get it all done every week, taking care of the kids is kind of a full time job and I need to give myself a break sometimes!

Daily Household Chores

  • Vacuum and/or sweep the kitchen and main living area. I (try) do this every evening while the girls are in the bath. It only takes a few minutes and greatly helps the overall cleanliness of the main living space. Plus I run roomba daily upstairs.
  • I typically cook dinner and then my husband or I will clean up while the other gets the girls bedtime routine going. I really can’t stand to wake up to a messy kitchen with dishes in the sink.
  • Run the dishwasher nightly and unload in the morning while making the girls breakfast, simple household chore to do everyday.
  • Pick up everything before nap time, this way the mess is less when they wake up from nap and do it all over again. Although albeit annoying its helpful as the mess at the end of the day is WAY more manageable and less overwhelming.

Weekly Household Chores

Okay, my weekly schedule is what I try to do every week, honestly all of this rarely happens. But, the effort in the end does make a difference. Honestly, it has taken me 3 days before to clean all the bathrooms…mom life!

Monday-First thing I deep clean the kitchen, kitchen appliances, stove, microwave etc., I try to do this while the girls are eating breakfast and otherwise occupied, which takes me about 3 times longer, but it gets done. My husband and I tackle the laundry on this day, typically 2-3 loads.
Tuesday-Bathrooms, I do this during my youngest nap times and my oldest helps me, which honestly takes twice as long, but she enjoys it and keeps me on task, or if I am lucky and they are both playing well together I am able to get it done after breakfast time.
Wednesday-Mop floors, the girls are in daycare on Wednesday, so I use this opportunity to mop the floors. I need everyone out of my hair while I do it, so its either this day or on a weekend when my husband takes the girls to the park.
Thursday-Meal plan for the week ahead and dust (I do this about every other week or when I notice it in between and needs to be done)
Friday-I go grocery shopping on Fridays and take this opportunity to clean out the fridge, wipe it down inside and throw away old and expired food. There is always something lurking in the back of the fridge!
Saturday-Sheets and towels day, I start the first load before even going downstairs in the morning and make the beds during nap or bath time.
Sunday-Off or random stuff around the house such as gardening, organizing etc.

Quarterly Household Chores

  • Base boards-I enlist my toddlers to help with this as their little fingers get in the grooves so well and baby wipes are perfect for the base boards.
  • Steam clean grout in bathrooms and anywhere else that needs it.
  • Clean window sills and window tracks.


  • Get cute cleaning supplies, might sound silly but the cuter the item the more likely you are to want to use it…right?!
  • Take breaks-don’t expect to get all your household chores done and don’t take a moment to stop. Even better if you can take a break doing something you enjoy like drinking some coffee or tending to your garden.
  • Involve the kiddos! Honestly it will probably take longer, but they will be occupied, you get the chance to teach them a lesson and better than them making another mess while you are cleaning.
  • Spot clean as you go, it doesn’t have to be perfect but if you clean up that apple sauce on the floor your toddler just dropped or splatter of tomato sauce on the stove it will be way easier in the long run, especially after something has dried.
  • For the bigger household items such as touching up paint, fixing the random holes in the wall, fixing the screen door basically all the items that end up on that list. My husband and I pick two items a month to focus on and do those, this helps with making that list not seem over whelming and not just being another household chore on the list.

I will say, there is no perfect schedule or routine for the household chores to keep your house the way you want it. No matter what something will throw your perfectly outlined schedule constantly. However, if you have a game plan that is half the battle and it makes it way easier if you have a plan vs. no idea how to tackle the day to day stuff. Just take it one day at a time and don’t be afraid to get the kids involved too, sure it make take a bit longer BUT you are teaching them, getting help and making it a activity vs just another household chore.

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Thank you for sharing a part of My Beautiful Chaos!

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