Laurenne’s Loss Story

I think every woman has some experience with infant loss in some matter. Some, like myself, do not have the first-hand experience, but I think everyone knows someone who has gone through it. My dear friend Laurenne agreed to share her story on the blog today, she shares her experience with two losses 16 years apart.

Keeping Marriage Alive During the Infant Phase

I can honestly say I completely underestimated the power my baby would have to change my marriage. Not in a bad way, a new baby is all consuming and there is little time, effort or energy for anything else. Here are my top tips for keeping marriage alive during the infant phase. Date Night or […]

Keeping Score in Marriage

Okay, I have a confession to make…there have been multiple times in the past few years since having children that I have mentally kept “score” with my husband. He had no idea but I was doing it and honestly it just made me feel worse and I do NOT recommend doing it. I know we […]