Learning to Parent while in a relationship

Parenting and marriage is a bumpy ride. My husband and I, have had more arguments since becoming parents than I could have ever expected. Becoming a mother was natural and “easy”, becoming a parent wasn’t as “easy” for me. The first year is survival mode and with so many ups and downs you think you […]

10 Things I wish I Knew Before I had Kids

Every mom has a list of things that she wishes she knew before she had kids. Here are mine, the things I wish I knew, this wouldn’t have changed anything in regards to having kids, however I wish I knew how much it would affect and change me. Becoming a mother is something I know […]

Mother’s Day Thoughts

Mother’s Day is a holiday that I didn’t quite get as a kid. Then after my own mother was no longer a part of my life, it was a day that just made me sad. It wasn’t until I was dating my now husband, that I understood more of what Mother’s Day meant to others. […]