How to use IKEA Picture Ledge as Book Shelf

When I was decorating my first child’s nursery I knew I had to create a safe space for my baby. Living in California we experience earth quakes and have to make sure decor is built around that to keep my babies safe.

IKEA Picture Frame Shelf

For my baby shower I received TONS of books and being an avid reader myself I knew that books were important to myself and my husband so I wanted to create a cute area for her to eventually be able to read on her own. I decided to not have a traditional bookcase as she could climb it and easily knock it over.

I decided to go with three shelves for her room, the first one she would be able to eventually reach so I put the hard cover books on this shelf, second shelf I used for the paper books and top one I play with as decor and new books.

Originally I had planned to space them all out equally but I realized most of the hard books are smaller and it would seem uneven. Without books on it, it looks a little off, but once the books are on, it looks good! I change her books out about every month. This way she gets exposed to new books often and I don’t get burnt out on reading the same books every night (although that still happens at times).

This has been the perfect way to display her books in an orderly way and still make it convenient for her to get her books when she wants to read during quiet time. It has also been super help to pick books out to read before bed as she can see all of the covers and easily choose what book she wants.

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