10 Things I am Grateful For

It is “easy” to say what you are thankful for, but have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about what you are thankful for that didn’t happen the way you wanted or expected, but got you where you are today…?

Here are 10 Things that I am Grateful that did NOT happen the way I wanted them to or thought was best for me.

  • I am grateful that the first guy I fell in love with broke up with me.
  • I am grateful that instead of working full-time this year, I have been able to be home with my babies. Which would not have happened if I was not treated poorly at work.
  • I am thankful for the arguments I have had with my siblings, as it has created a bond between us now that is unbreakable.
  • I am thankful that I couldn’t afford what I thought was my dream car (at the time), because it wouldn’t have been able to fit car seats that would have gone in it 5 years later.
  • I am thankful for the jobs that didn’t work out as I never would have gotten to the career I wanted.
  • I am thankful for my strong-willed child who constantly is pushing my limits for teaching me patience and understanding. 
  • I am thankful for my life not turning out how the 12-year-old Sabra wanted it to!
  • I am forever thankful that I met my husband on an online dating website, as ironically that was the one way I did NOT want to meet him.
  • I am thankful I did not get the bonus I deserved because it proved I made the right decision to leave a company who after 6 years did not value me.
  • I am thankful that I am overly sensitive at times because it has enabled me to be more compassionate and sympathetic to others.  

Photo Credit: unsplash.com

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