Doterra Mood Kit Review

Full discloser, I am doing a review of the kit I was gifted, but unfortunately, this mood kit is already sold out!  However, I am linking my other two favorites at the bottom.  I am not a doctor and not giving medical advice, just sharing my experience with the Doterrra Mood Kit and other essential oils I have been using over the past few years and have enjoyed.  

Why I use Essential Oils

I started using essential oils when my oldest was just a baby kept bringing home little colds for all of us to share.  As I started to learn more about essential oils, I realized how beneficial they could be for my family across the board. I have always tried natural and holistic products first before any over the counter medicines.   From headaches and sore muscles to teething and congestion for my little ones, essential oils have been my go to for the past few years. There were so many uses for almost everything that we seemed to come across as a busy new family.

You know how a smell can instantly transform you to a time and place where your brain remembers that smell the most?  Sunscreen instantly brings me to the beach during a warm summer day, axe body spray is a high school dance, roses are my childhood home.  For me essential oils can instantly change my mood and since they can be diffused, worn or as I often use them inhaling straight from the bottle as needed.

Doterra Mood Kit Review

First this kit came with the most beautiful diffuser, I have 2 diffusers already, one for upstairs and downstairs, but this one is now placed in my bathroom.  Not only is it pretty, it is the perfect addition to my white room that is functional and will remind me to diffuse as I see it first thing in the morning!

The calming roller ball that was included in this kit is the best blend I have ever used.  Seriously, I have this one handy at all times as a busy mom I need it more often than I care to admit. If you saw my post from last week, I experienced postpartum anxiety following the birth of my second baby and it still pops up every now and again so this roller ball instantly calms me down and helps me stabilize my mood quickly and effectively. You can use it daily or just as needed, either way it is super quick to work.

Peppermint is probably one of my all time favorite oils, because its great for headaches and honestly just a mood lifter for me.  Plus just inhaling the smell helps with nausea!  Which is great for morning sickness, and I used to do this all the time at work.  This is the one oil I always carry on me for headaches as I tend to get hormonal headaches that seem to pop out of no where and was a life saver when I was pregnant. 

Another favorite of mine in this kit is the wild orange, it is the perfect amount of citrus to lift you up with a subtle sweetness that not only smells delicious but the perfect balance. I add the wild orange to almost every diffuser blend because I love the way it smells, similar to peeling a fresh orange on a perfect summer day, it just makes you smile! Add a little bit of the balance oil to any diffuser blend to keep your day running smooth.

How to Get Your Kit

As I mentioned before the kit I reviewed is sold out but I am linking two other starter kits.  These kits come with some of my favorite go to oils such as Lavender (great for the girls before bed), peppermint, Deep Blue (my husbands’ go to for sore muscles) and On Guard (family favorite immunity booster).   Healthy Start Kit and the Healthy Essential Kit are both the perfect start for first time essential oil users, or even those who need a little refresher to their stash!

If you were like me and have no idea where to start  there is  a sampling program for those considering an oil kit, but would like to touch and smell the oils first.  Just need to fill out this form here! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the special this month. Through the end of February, If you spend $150 as a new customer, you get $50 in free product next month, more info here. Plus if you spend 200pv (point value given to the products), you get $100 in free OnGuard Products (the best for immunity boosting!), more info here.

I am not an expert in oils, but I do enjoy having many holistic options at my fingertips for myself and my family. This Facebook Group has a wealth of knowledge and anyone that joins would get access to this group, dozens of ebooks, recipes, and more. Plus a community of oil loving people! Any new enrollments get access to this Facebook group plus the wholesale price on oils (25% off retail).  You are also able to earn free products on the Loyalty Rewards Program, and when you sign up with a kit, there is no auto-ship they are automatically signed up for, but LRP is a way to earn points in the future if they would like to order oils in the future.

I personally do not sell or make commissions on these products, but I have partnered with my friend who is a wealth of knowledge in this area and happily sharing my experience with my readers.  I am so grateful to be able to not only learn more about essential oils but to find new ones that work great for myself and my family.

Thank you for being a part of My Beautiful Chaos!

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