At Home Mani

I have been doing my own nails since high school. Occasionally I will splurge on manicure at a salon when I get a pedicure, but that is few and far between. This year I think I have only gotten one pedicure out, so getting pretty good at doing my toes too!

An at home manicure is actually quite simple, just need to make sure you have the time to do it. I usually do steps 1-3 one day and then actually do the paint process the following day. I don’t often have the time to just sit down and do the whole thing on one day.

Step 1-Soak nails and push back cuticles, so I don’t actually soak my nails in a bowl of water. One because I am impatient with the process and two I just do it in the shower. At the end of my shower I push back my cuticles with my nails and get off the extra part ( you could also do this after doing the dishes!)

Push back cuticles

Step 2-Trim and push back cuticles more, since I do part of step 1 in the shower, once I get out I trim up my cuticles and push back the rest of it.
Step 3-File your nails, I always go a little shorter than I want because my nails grow so fast and with 2 young kids I need short nails!

File and shape nails.

Step 4-Lightly buff nails, this will help get rid of any residual cuticles and smooth out any ridges in your nails.
Step 5-Wash hands and swipe with acetone. I always make sure my nails are super clean before applying nail polish.
Step 6-Apply two thin coats of nail polish, I start with a broad stroke in the middle and then one on each side.

Paint two thin coats of nail polish.

Step 7-Wait till nails are at least half way dry and apply top coat. Touch up as needed!

2 thoughts on “At Home Mani

  1. I’ve been wanting to start doing at home manicures so bad, but my problem is they never last more than a couple of days! Does this Essie polish last pretty well? It looks like their gel line!


    1. It is their gel line! I love it, for me, it lasts about 10+ days (as long as I wear gloves for dishes, since I clean dishes 3+ times a day). I even use their gel top coat with other nail polish and it makes it last longer!


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