“Rainy Day” Activities

Since most of us are enjoying a little more “free” time at home, I put together a list of things to do with your kids (babies and toddlers are my specialties right now), family and most important for yourself! Hope you find these useful for now and future “rainy days”.


  • Gardening-My toddler loves to pick weeds with me! Granted she is not great at getting the roots, but it keeps her busy, gets us outside and helps me with this tedious chore. Obviously this one is not good when it is actually raining!
  • Create a mini Olympics or obstacle course in your garage (or backyard if you have the room and its not raining). Best to do before lunch and nap/quite time.
  • Bath time fun-Last month on vacation (before the craziness really hit) one day when it was raining and cold to go outside, I put the girls in the bath with random objects and created games. At one point my toddler was cleaning the bath tub with a toothbrush and washcloth. Kept them both entertained for almost an hour. Be creative-bath tub car wash, puppy day spa, clean play dishes, color in the bath etc.
  • Un-restrict the “messy” activities. We all have things we don’t let our kids do cause its too messy and frankly we don’t want to have to clean it up. So let them paint, use play dough or slim, play in the dirt, bake, they will be so happy to be able to do these activities and you have more time to clean up that mess.


  • Tackling the “To Do List”-Everyone has that never ending to do list, the one that doesn’t have to be done now, but should be done eventually. It just keeps getting longer, now is the perfect time to tackle it!
  • Picture books-no time like the present to finally make the family picture book from 2019 or 2018 or if you are like me 2017 too.
  • Self care-Everyday do at least one thing for yourself that you never have time for. Such as: face mask, meditation, journal, listening to a podcast, take a bath, workout, be alone and do nothing. This is needed during these times.
  • Deep cleaning and organizing-Spice drawer, junk drawer, hall closet, pantry, bathroom drawers, linen closet are all common places that could typically use a little TLC.
  • Go through old clothes and find stuff to donate. Look at your closet and if you have anything you have not worn or thought about wearing in the past year, donate it!


  • Family yoga-There are tons of videos on you tube that are easy to follow for everyone even if you have never done yoga before. Great way to get the blood flowing and do something new. You will be surprised at how good your kids will be at it. Try a short 15-20 minute flow to start.
  • I spy outing-Go for a walk and play I Spy. Kids will have a chance to get outside and explore finding new things they may have never seen before.
  • Family movie night-Each night a different family member gets to pick the movie and snacks. Put blankets and pillows on the floor and cuddle up!
  • Family Master Chef-Set the time for 45 minutes and each parent has a team and see what you can come up with! Might make a mess, but kids will have a blast and if you wish adults can partake in libations.

Lastly, have date nights at home! Put the kids to bed early (we skip or cap naps on these days) and make a yummy dinner at home to enjoy. Doesn’t have to be super fancy, but something that the kids won’t eat. Put on mood music and light a few candles.

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