10 Things you need to know before going back to work

I’m not an expert but, I have gone on two maternity leaves and worked full time. Going back to work after having a baby is not only super overwhelming, but brand new territory. Most of us have had the same routine and schedule for a very long time before having kids. Having a new baby not only totally disrupts that schedule, it can make the most prepared person feel out of wack.

  1. Have a plan and know that plan won’t last long.  Not to sound negative…it’s just the truth and it will save you.
  2. If breast feeding, freeze as much as you can for back up!
  3. Stop what you are doing by 8 pm (or whatever time works for you) to relax and unwind since a mamas day really never ends
  4. Don’t pick a fight in the middle of the night, easier said then done, but it gets easier
  5. Remember this is only a phase and nothing will last good or bad
  6. Meal plan, otherwise you will end up eating cereal or popcorn for dinner
  7. Give yourself extra prep time
  8. Give yourself a break and be kind to yourself
  9. Stock up on coffee and wine (if that’s your thing)
  10. Pack bags the night before (purse, work bag/pump bag, diaper bag, lunch etc.)

Know that it’s okay to enjoy work and feel like you can’t do it all.  Let got of work/life balance because its kinda BS. Maybe one day there will be a balance until then embrace the beautiful chaos!

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