My greatest accomplishment

These two will always be my greatest accomplishment. I have wanted to have kids for as long as I remember. As a little girl I wanted 5 kids, an amazing career, to travel the world and have stories to tell about my life that would get passed down for generations. Once I reached an age to realize how some of those ambitions were not as easy as I expected (nor did they come as easily as I hoped) I didn’t think I would get a chance to do most of them.

I didn’t meet my husband until I was 30, switched careers right before the great recession (career recovery was as long as the economy recovery), I was 35 when I had my first baby which is considered “advanced maternal age” fun I know. Luckily my husband loves to travel and we did a lot in our short time together before the babies, but still have a lot of places to check off our list. In the past few years, I have finally reached a place in my career with a title I a proud of and a salary that is in line with my experience and accomplishments. Each year, I gather more stories to pass on that I am not only proud of but have shaped me in my life.

BUT my career doesn’t look the way I want it too and I have bigger ambitions than the title I have working for someone else. Traveling the world is amazing, but a bit more challenging at this phase in life. The stories, will come with time and life experience, I know.

However, my life long goal of having babies is everything I expected (and a million things I didn’t expect, but that’s another post!). I see myself when I look at them, I know I am their safe place, the place they will forever call home, the one who can kiss boo boos away, cuddle to sleep, make magic happen and be their biggest cheerleader.

I’m still amazed at what my body was able to do, growing, birthing and feeding them. They will forever be a part of me and this picture will always be one of my favorites. A snap shot in time, 5 day old baby with her sister, the beginning of a life long bond in sisterhood and friendship. Me in the background (with pants that don’t zip), admiring my girls, knowing life can only get sweeter from here. Literally (toddler was bribed with ice cream for this photo shoot) and figuratively as this moment in time is only one of many I will admire for the rest of my life. As I look upon the greatest accomplishments of my life.

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