Holiday Traditions-Creating Memories

As a little kid I remember LOVING traditions around the holidays.  There was something so special and familiar about doing the same thing every year, but only during that time. Honestly, it was one of the hardest parts for me after my parents divorce.  Most of our traditions went out the window.  Myself and my siblings kept a few, but most of them lost their luster.  As my husband and I have started our own family and now with kids of my own, it is super important to me to create traditions that my kids will enjoy and hopefully pass on.  

Luckily the one tradition that has stuck around is pizza making on Christmas day.  It is by far my favorite tradition!  Some find it cool and others find it odd, but I think its odd to have a similar meal to Thanksgiving.  Ha!  For Christmas Eve we have “a meal” which essentially is an amazing charcuterie board, which was cool in my family before it became a “thing”.  We used to do multiple “meals” throughout the holiday season, but my waistline doesn’t need that now.   In hind site I wonder if it was just my parents way of getting out of cooking dinner for 4 kids….hmmmmm…?!

One tradition that I have been wanting to do since my daughter was born was the “Christmas Box”.  A little box with matching pj’s for the girls (the baby is too young, but of course I got her a pair too!), hot coco, a snack of some sort and a Christmas movie.  Then we all get in our pajamas and enjoy a evening together, cozy in our pajamas, with a fire and holiday movie.   I hope to continue this tradition for many many years to come and one day I will be giving Christmas Boxes to my grandchildren (cue tears!).

What is your favorite tradition?

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