At Home Date Night

My husband and I have been doing at home date nights since we had our first baby three years ago. Ironically we just started to get back into our monthly (out on the town) date night routine when pandemic happened. So, back to at home date nights it was and we have being doing it every week since this started. That’s a win in my book, as unsettling as this has all been, I look forward to those nights where we can come together and just be regardless of everything going on. I also make sure that I get dressed, put some make up on and do my hair. This sets the mood so I don’t feel like its just another night at home.

Date night at home can be as simple as you want or as decadent and fancy as your heart desires. Typically our date nights at home involve, no TV or phones. Since we have been watching more TV than normal, this is a nice break and no phones to distract us. The whole idea is to connect with each other, not disconnect separately. Below are a few ideas from super simple game night to fancy 4 course meals.

Date Night Ideas:

  • Game Night-Our two favorites are Scrabble and Backgammon. Both bring us back to our dating days, when we had nothing but “free” time on our hands with no agenda or anyone else needing us. Grab your favorite game, snack and beverage and play a few rounds! In front of the fire on a cool night or outside enjoying the warm summer days.
  • Make Dinner Together-Since having kids dinner is often a means to an end, which involves little sitting down and enjoying the meal. We decide together what we want to eat and make it after the girls have gone to bed. Doesn’t have to be something fancy, but maybe something that is less kid friendly, or something that you really want to enjoy with two hands and a nice glass of wine, candlelight is recommended. For holidays and special occasions we will make a 3-4 course dinner. Appetizers happen during girls dinner time and then we tag team making dinner, this is our plan for our anniversary next month, since our original plan is cancelled.
  • Take a Bath Together-Pre warning, this pretty much always lands me in bed early. Which is nice, just be prepared to be super mellow once you exit the bath and have little expectations for anything following. Fill bath with a water temp you both enjoy (there always seems to be one person who wants it hotter), light some candles, put on some spa music, pour a glass of wine and get naked. I like to put Epsom salt and a lot of bubbles in my bath. I enjoy taking a bath together because it gives us a chance to reconnect and be vulnerable. We are with each other literally non stop and sleep in the same bed yet rarely are just together naked and close together. It’s good for your relationship and self!
  • Get Take Out-It’s funny how getting take out before felt lazy, now its a treat and a way to support the businesses we love. We pick one of our favorite places, order while the girls are in the bath and one person goes to pick it up while the other gets the girls to bed. This way we are maximizing our time together and don’t have to worry about cleaning up a ton of dishes afterwards.

We also plan these nights ahead and don’t wait till the last minute to decide what we are doing. Otherwise it turns into movie night where we peruse Netflix for 30 minutes before finally picking a movie. I also skip our toddlers nap, so both girls are in bed about 6:30 pm, because I rarely can make it past 9 pm these days.

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